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Form a new LLC or corporation

This is the start of a relationship. Who you choose to form your new LLC or corporation for you is a big decision. You should ask who your incorporation service is going to list as your registered agent, how they run their local registered offices, and how you will get your legal documents on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, you’ll be trusting your legal documents to some random company. It’s easy to charge $49 to do your filing, provide a filed state-provided form, pass you off to another registered agent for a kickback, and then sell your lead to 20 other companies. This is not our business model. We take the time to do your incorporation right.

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Full Address Use

We don’t just “sell” registered agent service—we provide it ourselves. Hire us to form your company and you can use our local office for:

  • Mailing Address
  • Principal Address
  • Organizer Address
  • Registered Agent Address

Corporate Guides

With NW, you get a local Corporate Guide®, an industry veteran who specializes in LLC filings in your state. Every order gets:

  • Same Business Day Filing
  • LLC Operating Agreement Or Bylaws
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Membership/Stock Certificates & Resolutions

Incorporation Service

$599 + State Fees



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When forming a business entity such as an LLC or corporation, it is mandatory to appoint a registered agent. Additionally, a local registered agent must be in place in every state where the business conducts its transactions. This requirement for a registered agent or registered agent service stems from the principle of due process. According to due process, proper notification must be given to all parties involved before a lawsuit or any other legal action can proceed in the courts. The primary function of a registered agent is to make sure your business is properly notified in the event it is involved in a lawsuit.

Top 10 Reasons Our Customers Are The Most Satisfied In America

The people doing your filings have years of experience navigating the odd world of state bureaucracy. We are all paralegals, accountants, lawyers that don’t want to be lawyers, and experts in this field. FlutuxBusiness’s Corporate Guides® are what makes us unique and different. Our insider knowledge helps get your filings done faster and better than anyone else. No automated operators. No reading from a script. Just immediate answers.

We don’t sell or share your data with third parties. Almost every other online incorporation website will sell your information as a lead to 10 to 20 other companies. They will sell it to a registered agent company, give you 6 months free, and then you get a massive bill. You’ll get sold to merchant processing companies, domain registries, web hosting companies, accounting software, web design re-sellers, and all kinds of other companies that pay for leads. How do we know this? They ask us to buy our leads all the time. So while they may hook you with a “free” or cheap filing, they’re making $1000+ on the back end selling your data. We do not sell your data. We never have, and never will. Our business is doing online incorporations, LLC formations and providing registered agent service, not selling leads.

When you hire us to form your company, you’re getting more than just a filing service. We will be your registered agent, which means we’ll be accepting any lawsuits, official mail, or tax notices on your business’s behalf. We take our responsibility seriously, and unlike many of our competitors, we don’t farm out our clients to other registered agents. We maintain our own offices in all 50 states, and we scan every document we receive on your behalf from those locations. We make sure each of our clients receive premium registered agent service, which includes:

Local office scanning of every document we receive for your business. No forwarding to scan hubs.

Access to our Corporate Guides®. You can call and talk to a real human being whenever you have a question about your business.

Online account where you can monitor your business.

Annual report compliance.

Every document you’ll need to file with the state, pre-populated with our information for easy filing.

We start on your order right away. We don’t charge you extra when you choose the state’s expedited option. It’s just always fast.

We don’t mark up the state filing fees. You pay us exactly what you would pay the state. Our service fees are itemized out and you can completely customize your order to save.

When we form your corporation or LLC, you’ll also receive:

Custom-Drafted Articles

Initial Resolutions

Operating Agreement or Bylaws

LLC Membership Certificates or Corporation Stock Certificates

1 Year of Registered Agent Service (What is a Registered Agent?)

Annual report compliance.

Online access to your formation documents.

Scans of items we receive.

State resources

Online account where you can create any kind of state filing or amendment without re-entering your company information.

When you hire us, we actually pay taxes locally, putting your money back into your local economy.

When we help you start your business, we’ll be your registered agent. We’re always here, helping you stay in good standing with the state. We’re not one of those companies with a marketing team 10 times the size of customer service. We’re not just out to acquire client after client—we’re here to support our clients for years to come.

When you incorporate online with us, WE will be your registered agent. This is very rare. Many online incorporators have to hire other registered agents, and you have no clue who you’ll end up with. Also, many online incorporators just sell registered agent service and don’t really put forth the effort that we do to do it right. Who will be your registered agent is not a big deal today, but it will be 6 months from now.

Our experience is your advantage

Benefit from Our Experience as Foreign Founders – With Support from Silicon Valley Experts, We Help You Launch Your US Business. Overcome the Hurdles of Setting Up Your Company with Our First-Hand Knowledge and Guidance.

Customer Testimonials


We set up our business lines (in two different states) through Flutux Business, which made a lot of sense since they also helped us form our LLC. Their call forwarding feature is so functional and accessible that was a no-brainer in the end. Half a year later and we are still satisfied.

Jiwan Neupane

It’s an amazing experience with FlutuxBusiness. ‍ I filed an LLC through FlutuxBusiness and so far it’s an amazing experience with FlutuxBusiness. The customer service is outstanding. 100% recommended.”