Free LLC Membership Certificate Template

Membership certificates are documents LLCs use to note individual members’ ownership in the company (much like how a corporation issues stock certificates to shareholders). We offer a free template for

LLC Resolution To Open A Bank Account Free Template

An LLC resolution to open a business bank account is a document that clearly shows the bank who has the authority to start an account on behalf of a limited

Capital Contribution Agreement for LLCs

Capital contributions are the money or other assets members give to the LLC in exchange for ownership interest. Members fund the LLC with initial capital contributions—these are usually recorded in

LLC Annual Meeting Minutes Template

An LLC can hold an annual meeting to go over its activities from the past year and review its annual financial report. LLC annual meeting minutes record these activities, note

Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

A multi-member LLC (also called a “member-managed LLC”) is a limited liability company that has more than one owner but no managers. Instead, owners run the day-to-day operations of the

Manager-Managed LLC Operating Agreement

A manager-managed LLC is a limited liability company in which one or more managers run the day-to-day operations of the business while the members take a more passive role. A

Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

A single member LLC operating agreement puts key information about your LLC in writing. Many websites trying to sell you LLC forms and services will tell you that if you

Guam LLC Articles of Organization – Free Template

Guam LLC Articles of Organization are filed with the Department of Revenue and Taxation’s Business License Branch to form a limited liability company. The filing fee is $250, but the

Free LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement is the legal document that governs your limited liability company. Articles of Organization do NOT govern your LLC

Free LLC Articles Of Organization

Articles of Organization must be filed with the state to form a limited liability company.